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What Can NEDC Do For You? – Expungement Breakdown

What is an Expungement?

Expungement is a legal process in court which allows you to have all public records of a prior criminal conviction cleared and your court file sealed. The main purpose of expungement is to remove the criminal record and appear as if it never occurred.


Don’t let Criminal Convictions Linger

Over the last few years 6 states have enacted automatic expungement of certain offenses but most states do not.  The first step to remove your record is through the legal action of expungement and sealing of the record if it had not been done automatically.

Dismissed Charges and Arrest Records Can Be Expunged and Sealed

Even if your criminal charges were dismissed or you were found not guilty, your arrest and the charges filed are still available on record for the public to view.

Actual Expungement Has Become Significantly Harder to Accomplish

Records that were once held only in paper form by law enforcement agencies, courts and corrections departments are now digitized and stored. Some private background check providers contain more than 100 million criminal records. These records are not updated as they should be, and your expunged record could easily turn up in criminal background checks.

How Can the National Expungement Database Center Take Your Expungement to the Next Level?

NEDC offers a secure service to those who have had their criminal record sealed, expunged, set aside or otherwise modified by the court. We work to have this information updated and removed from private companies who provide the information for private background checks allowing you to get a fresh start on life.

Make Your Expungement Successful!

Your decision to take action to further update or remove this data is the only way to assure your record is clear. Let NEDC make sure that outdated and damaging information is not being distributed to friends, families, potential employers or educational programs.

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