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NEDC – A College Student’s Perspective

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Upon entering college, and thus, the doorstep of the professional world, it becomes clear how much the next few years will affect your future. Beyond grades and exams, and even work experiences you may have, a clean legal record is often overlooks as an essential part of the college experience.

As a student who recently finished my undergraduate studies, I saw others first hand, negatively impact their future with bad decisions. These instances do not depict the true character of a person or represent a pattern in behavior. It is refreshing to know that all hope is not lost if you or someone you know are in this situation.


Let’s face it; employers want young professionals who can represent the company and themselves in respectful manners when out in the real world. They don’t’ want some kid who couldn’t keep it together during college and was more concerned with acting recklessly on weekends. In an ultra-competitive job landscape, it is important to be the best version of yourself when applying for a job.

Expungement + NEDC is a great option for students who, at one point in time, made a mistake and do not want it to affect their future. Don’t let that one lapse in judgment or heat of the moment decision take away from everything you have worked for throughout school. An expungement, coupled with the NEDC Process can completely seal your record and prevent a future employer from seeing it, allowing you to show them who you really are without any prior opinion.

-Adam V.

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