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Is your slate clean?

You've worked hard to clear your name. The court expunged your record, but this is only the beginning. At NEDC, we'll give you the confidence in knowing that no matter where you go, your record's been properly cleared.

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"With so many credit reporting agencies out there, it would have been impossible for me to make sure my sealed record was removed from all of them. NEDC made it so easy – I highly recommend this service!"

About Us

The National Expungement Database Center (NEDC) offers a secure service to those who have had their criminal record sealed, expunged, set aside or otherwise modified by the court. We work to have this information updated and removed from private companies who provide the information for private background checks allowing you to get a fresh start on life.

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Our Process

Those who have had their criminal record cleared or modified by the court can submit a certified copy of their court order (or similar certified government documentation) along with a completed update request form to the NEDC. Upon receipt of the request and document, the NEDC will have one of its specialists verify the authenticity.

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Expungement FAQ

If you have had your criminal record sealed, expunged, set aside or otherwise cleared by the court, you have won half the battle. While you have done everything possible to clean up your government record, old information is most likely still being held and distributed by private background check providers.

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